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How To Store Art Drawings

If a person has a love of art and drawing, then the chances are that such a person has been storing every single drawing for a long time. Where to put them might be a problem as an individual may not be sure where to keep them safe. It is very important for one to ensure they are stored well for future use and remembrance.

Being organized is the best thing to do. Every artist should be a person who is well organized. The drawings and paintings need to be kept safe and clean. This will show the seriousness of an individual in carrying out such an investment. There are many ways of keeping the drawings and painting safe from any kind of damage. It only needs a bit of organisation.

An individual is advised to convert an old cereal container into a file folder. It is very possible to fit quite a number of drawings into it. A person can use one cereal container for example, to store drawings of nature. An individual can have another cereal box for storage of drawings and paintings of cartoon character. It is advisable to use cereal boxes that are big enough. Small ones may not work as expected.

People need to purchase a portfolio folder. It is a type of a folder that is design to neatly hold ones drawings together. Purchasing such a folder can do great help in displaying the drawings quickly and easily. This kind of folder can even be made at home. It just needs two pieces of cardboard, glue, a strip of construction paper and a string.

Having everything at hand, you should glue the two pieces of cardboard to the strip to form a folder. One must then punch a hole. The hole has to be punched in the top center pieces. After doing that, the paintings and drawings should be placed inside the folder. The folder should then be closed up by pulling the string through the holes. Make sure to tie them together.

People can also use a scrapbook to keep the paintings and drawings safe. A scrapbook is design to have plastic covers. Each page has a plastic cover. This will definitely help in protecting your drawings. This can be a protection from any spills and even fingerprints when admirers are looking through the drawings. This very crucial in keeping the northern British art safe.

Purchasing an accordion folder is also advisable. This can be obtained from the local supply store. The benefit of purchasing an accordion folder is that it is designed to hold several drawings. They are being sold at very reasonable prices. Which means they are affordable to everyone. Your drawings can stay pristine and in their original condition. This is because it is design to allow one to slide a different drawing into each and every slot. If the drawings are kept in such a folder, they will never get wrinkled even if they are cramped together.

Therefore, keeping ones art safe is very important. The above options will cater for most situations, and will greatly help in ensuring the drawings are stored safe, clean and dry.'

David Tatham, fine art dealer for more than quarter of a century, has an extensive knowledge of Lowry's biography. Signed, prints and drawings can be seen and purchased from this website.

LSLowry died aged 88 in 1976 just months before a retrospective exhibition of his paintings opened at the Royal Academy. It broke all attendance records for a twentieth century artist. Critical opinion about Lowry remains divided to this day. Salford Museum & Art Gallery began collecting the artist's work in 1936 and gradually built up the collection which is now at the heart of the award-winning building bearing the artist's name. Celebrating his art and transforming the cityscape again. A small quantity of paintings by the artist l.s. lowry were published as signed limited edition prints. Some of the most well known being, 'Going to the match', Man lying on a wall, Huddersfield, Deal, ferry boats, three cats Alstow, Berwick-on-Tweed, peel park, The two brothers, View of a town, Street scene.

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