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Lowry Prints and Lithographs.
There are approximately 54 signed prints (signed, limited edition print titles) by L.S.Lowry and 17 lithographic prints.
Approximately 26 unsigned, limited edition lslowry prints.
Numerous Lowry open edition, poster prints of decorative value only were published.
The signed L.S.Lowry prints usually have an embossed stamp, by the Fine art trade guild, or that of the publisher.
Some print titles are simply signed and numbered.
Several print titles eg. 'Mill scene' print, 'Level crossing' print, and 'Market scene' print are simply signed in pencil by Lowry.
But not stamped or numbered, although they are limited edition prints (editions of 750). The life and times of Artist L.S.Lowry.
Laurence Stephen Lowry did not like to think of himself as an amateur artist. People would occassionally accuse him of being
self-taught and untutored. Lowry commented, "Started at fifteen years old. Don't know why".
My aunt said "You are no good for anything else, so you might as well go to Art School."
LSLowry began evening classes in antique art and free handart drawing during 1905.
Later studying in both the Manchester Academy of Fine Art and The Salford Royal Technical College at Peel Park.
School records show that Lowry attended art classes during the 1920's.
Lowry had learnt from teachers, people such as the Frenchman Adolphe Valette.
This French Impressionist artist had made a big impact on the art world.
Lowry saw from exhibitions in Manchester how the current trends in modern art were changing,
and had great affection for Pre-Raphaelite art, by artists such as Rossetti and Ford Madox Brown.
A naive Sunday artist LS Lowry certainly was not. Lowry strove for a distinctive way of painting and drawing,
and for a subject matter Lowry could make unique.
Eventually Lowry's choice was the view from the Technical College window. Industrial scenes of Salford
and Manchester, rather than that of a model posing.
The work of Mr L.S. Lowry has become of great artistic and financial importance of recent years. A selection of his signed prints and originaldrawings can be viewed and bought here
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