L.S. Lowry

How To Understand The Importance Of Art

The term art can be used to imply so many forms of work or practices many of
which may not be related in any way. A very common type of art refers to a
skill whereby people express their desires or feelings through drawings and
paintings. The paintings are normally a way through which they use to pass a

A majority of the specialties were in ancient times reserved for a
particular group or people from a certain tribe or location. Parents
especially fathers had great influence on their sons and this led to
inheritance of a skill from father to son. This was basically the only form
of education that was available at that time.

The very best performers in the various forms are known to have had a
passion from an early childhood. Their passion, commitment as well as
support from the family and friends have greatly contributed to their
success. Music is one form that has greatly contributed to the entertainment
industry and a majority of good artists started at an early age.

People with the ability to sing are normally noticed at a tender age through
the various events they participate such as singing in church. The various
education systems have also helped by adding events in their curriculum such
as music festivals whereby students from different institutions compete with
each other. This has greatly helped those with talent become exposed as well
as being lucky to meet music producers and other experts in the field who
help them do better.

Those in the various forms of art have common characteristics such as
creativity and innovative ability. These traits have enabled them standout
and furthermore raised the standards to a level whereby only the best get
the most in terms of audience which also results in earning more from
functions. Producers and other promoters also gain from the fame of artists
and so they work to make sure they succeed by doing their best.

Technology and modern development has greatly contributed to improving the
quality of standards in various ways. Advertisements can now be made on
various media platforms such as televisions, radio and even the internet.
Through these forms of media, information can easily reach a large number of
people within a short span of time to relay upcoming events and other
notices of importance. The turn out of fans has been increasing as a result
of this.

Technology has many other forms that have helped in various ways, security
has been enhanced through use of cameras and motion detectors that can be
installed in places such as galleries where the best pieces are stored and
viewed by the general public. This way, theft is minimized on simple items
of worth that can even be pocketed. Small unique items made by craftsmen may
be simple in looks but require a lot of creativity, resources, devotion and
time which in turn dictates the final price.

As much as the world has advanced, it is evident that there still remains a
large portion of art that can only be done by specific people and from a
specific location. In regards to this, tourism has expanded rapidly and it
has helped boost economies of many countries. The society is always
encouraged to help young gifted children build their talents in the various
forms of art by providing all the support available. The education systems
need to be revised from time to time to suit the society at large.

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LSLowry died aged 88 in 1976 just months before a retrospective exhibition of his paintings opened at the Royal Academy.
It broke all attendance records for a twentieth century artist.
Critical opinion about Lowry remains divided to this day.
Salford Museum & Art Gallery began collecting the artist's work in 1936 and gradually built up the
collection which is now at the heart of the award-winning building bearing the artist's name.
Celebrating his art and transforming the cityscape again.
A small quantity of paintings by the artist l.s. lowry were published as signed limited edition prints. Some of the most well known being, 'Going to the match'
Man lying on a wall, Huddersfield, Deal, ferry boats, three cats Alstow, Berwick-on-Tweed, peel park, The two brothers, View of a town, Street scene.
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