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Buying Artwork as a Gift

Buying Art Prints For Presents
Beautiful art work is an inspiration for a large number of people who are impressed by it. 
Such master pieces are valued by lovers and critics both emotionally as well as for investment purposes. 
While many people are unable to afford the original pieces, the option of prints makes it possible for them to own these.

These are affordable alternatives that provide the same kind of beauty and appeal to the buyers. 
Moreover, you can find prints that fit any budget and are appropriate for all kinds of occasions. 
However, you need to understand a few basic things about signed limited edition prints before you 
begin searching for them.

Original master pieces are generally depicted using articulate precision on some kinds of materials like paper. 
The art prints are not reproductions of the original created by another artist. The prints are commonly referred
 to as impressions and can be created using different techniques.

Some of the most commonly used methods include ink jet printing, screen printing, digital printing, and lithography. 
Impressions can be made of any kinds of artwork, which includes paintings, drawings, and photographs. 
The type of method used to create the impression defines the types of art prints created.

The quality of the prints and its similarity to the originals depends on the technique used, materials used, 
and the equipments used. Some kinds of methods are more suitable to specific works while being inappropriate for others. 
Digital printing is used to create impressions of digital pictures while giclee printing is more suitable for 
creating impressions of paintings.

When you are looking for these prints, you need to pay close attention to the material and technique used to create 
the impressions. Commonly, paper is used to create impressions and the quality of the paper differs in texture and 
appearance. The best type of paper used to create long lasting impressions is archival paper, which is free from all 

You need to consider the taste and preferences of the person for whom you are choosing the gifts. The market provides 
a wide variety of choices that ensures you can find something appropriate for the receiver. You can choose a famous 
wildlife painting or contemporary works, or a print of the person's favorite rock band.

When looking to buy such prints, you must always search for a well known, reliable, and reputed dealer. 
You can ask your friends or family members to recommend dealers or browse the Internet to read the reviews provided 
by other users. The chosen dealer should have been in the business for some years and should operate ethically.

Before making your purchase, you should check the quality of the print and its condition. The print must last for 
several years, which makes it necessary that the material used is of a superior quality. The paper should be at least 
sixty seven lb, with acidity between pH7 and pH10 and light fast ranking of six or more. Finally, you must protect 
the investment by using frames to preserve the art pieces using acid free matting available in different textures and 

LSLowry died aged 88 in 1976 just months before a retrospective exhibition of his paintings opened at the Royal Academy. It broke all attendance records for a twentieth century artist. Critical opinion about Lowry remains divided to this day. Salford Museum & Art Gallery began collecting the artist's work in 1936 and gradually built up the collection which is now at the heart of the award-winning building bearing the artist's name. Celebrating his art and transforming the cityscape again. A small quantity of paintings by the artist l.s. lowry were published as signed limited edition prints. Some of the most well known being, 'Going to the match', Man lying on a wall, Huddersfield, Deal, ferry boats, three cats Alstow, Berwick-on-Tweed, peel park, The two brothers, View of a town, Street scene.

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